Meet the Team

Tyler Lagomarsino- Leader

Meet Tyler! Tyler is the leader and founder of The Spectral Realm Investigators! He has had many paranormal experiences as a child. As a young kid he was never a fan of being able to sense, feel, see, or hear spirits. However as he got older, he embraced the gift he was given. He will get a sense that a spirit is trying to communicate. In one instance, as Tyler was driving past a cemetary, he felt something trying to pull him in. When he went into the cemetary one particular grave stood out. When he looked at it, it was 1 week away from the death anniversary. His greatest inspirations for doing investigations are Ed and Lorraine Warren! When the Conjuring came out, it was the final push to knowing this is what he wants to do. 

Outside of doing paranormal investigations, Tyler enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and going to amusement parks. He is a huge fan of the Yankees and the Giants! 

Back in 2018 Emily and Glenn were recruited and are now Co-leaders of S.R.I. Together we have formed The Specreal Realm Investigators, a team we hope you all come to know and love! We can assure you to be a credible and reliable source for anything paranormal, giving you the evidence as if you were there with us. We can not wait to introduce you to the Spectral Realm! Stay tuned!

Emily Norcross- Co-Leader

Meet Emily! Emily is our resident Indigo Child who has had many paranormal experiences extending back to her childhood while living at her parents home in Sussex, NJ. She has seen everything from full body apparitions in broad daylight, floating red eyes as well as UFO’s. Her most memorable experience was when she was in 3rd grade on a class field trip to the sterling mine in Franklin, NJ. She was about to enter the mine with her fellow classmates when she saw a man riding a bicycle towards them. As she tried to get her classmates attention to point him out, he disappeared. She wasn’t sure what happened to him, but didn’t think anything of it until the tour guide told her about Bicycle Pete and how he died at the mine. She knew deep down that moment she had seen a ghost. 

Other than anything paranormal Emily enjoys cooking, riding her horse, playing with her dogs and playing cards against humanity with my friends. Her favorite paranormal TV shows are “Portals to Hell” and “Ghost Brothers.”  

Fun fact about Emily, she refuses to watch any type of horror films. Ironic right?

Glenn Norcross- Co-Leader

Meet Glenn! The team’s skeptic. While he genuinely doesn’t believe in ghosts, spirits or the afterlife. He remains open minded to the possibility that there may be something to discover that is beyond his current understanding of the world and the paranormal. He is not easily convinced and will throughly comb over evidence in order to debunk practically everything. In instances where he can’t debunk the evidence he remains impartial as to whether it’s natural or paranormal. 

Glenn is curious in nature and became involved in ghost hunting to discover what could really be out there. 

Outside of paranormal investigations Glenn plays guitar, mainly heavy metal, produces his own music and looks to collaborate with other artists. He also enjoys powerlifting and scotch.

Fun fact: Glenn’s 3rd distant cousin once removed is the poet Emily Norcross Dickinson. Emily Dickinson is his wife’s namesake and after they got married she became Emily Norcross.

Jesus Maldonado- Investigator

Meet Jesus! Jesus is one of our new investigatos! He is originally from Brooklyn and Moved into the Hudson Valley in 2009. He is a big sports fan and horror fan. His favorite teams are the Mets, Giants, Nets, and Rangers. In his spare time, Jesus enjoys playing the bass guitar and going for rides on his harley. He is happily married and has 2 daughters. He works as an assistant director for a substance abuse program for young adults. When it comes to paranormal investigations he has had quite a few strange experiences and Is interested in finding the truth. This is something that Jesus has been wanting to do for years and didn’t know how to go about it. He has now received the opportunity to find the truth that he has been looking for as an important member!

Current Positions Available

Spectral Realm Investigators is currently looking for a camera tech above the age of 21 to join our team! Go to our contact page and fill out the form if you’re interested!

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